We’re giving you the chance to win 8 NMS body contouring sessions valued at $2354!

Build muscle and burn fat without the sweat!

What is NMS?

NMS (Neuro Muscular Stimulation) is the most powerful body contouring technology available! Combining electrostimulation and electromagnetic stimulation to produce up to 50,000 muscle contractions (equivalent to 50,000 squats or sit-ups) in just 30 minutes. NMS allows you to strengthen, sculpt, tone and firm your body without stepping foot in the gym!

  • Work the glutes, thighs, arms, calves, abdominals and obliques, and combine up to 4 muscle groups at the same time
  • Choose from and combine different settings including Hypertrophy, Lymphatic Drainage, Recovery, Cellulite and Defintion
  • Sessions can be customised to suit your needs e.g. pelvic floor strengthening, back pain prevention, sports recovery, improving muscle imbalances

To enter, fill out your details below and ensure your have followed all the entry requirements on social media:

To get the best results from your NMS sessions, it is recommended to commit to 2 x 30 minute sessions consistently over the span of 4 weeks.

Find out more about NMS

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