Finding something that really works for cellulite is a challenge. There are so many options with massive promises, that set expectations high and tend to disappoint. We all want it to be fast and easy… and from experience, it’s not happening with the traditional cellulite treatment.

There are some new treatments, like cryotherapy that are effective and easy.

Cellulite does not discriminate by body shape or fat percentage. It can appear on slim women as much voluptuous women. You will see women of every shape and size with taught skin to die for.

What Exactly Is Cellulite?

The science version so if you just want to know how to get rid of it skip down!!!

First of all, fat is adipose tissue, cells storing fluid and triglycerides for energy use. The bit we are interested in is found under the skin, adipose tissue is also found around muscles, organs and joints. It is a healthy and normal body cell, we just don’t like it makes our skin all bumpy and lumpy.

According to Dr. Diana Howard, the outermost layer of adipose tissue in females contained freestanding fat cells with vertical walls of septa* in an arc-like dome.1 The shape is different to men and prone to collapse when too much pressure was applied.

The pressure could be from different factors of excess weight, fluid retention, genetics or low physical activity levels and more.

It is these larger compartments with the tight clustering under the skin of papillae adipose (smaller fat cells in these larger compartments) that change the appearance of the skin in that area causing the look to be bumpy and uneven aka cellulite.

The difference in structure between male and female fat cells and that male’s are not prone to collapse under pressure is theorized to be due to hormones.1 So ladies, I’m really talking to you.

According to Drs. Sherwitz and Braun Falco, one of the causes of the rippling effect of cellulite is fluid retention in adipose tissue.2 It is a combination of structural, inherent and hormonal factors.

There is also a decrease in elastin and collagen factors that further weakens the skin causing more rippling. BUT WHY DOES ALL THIS HAPPEN? Because of a breakdown of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, this creates an environment for cellulite to happen.

A quick rundown of how cellulite is formed

Stage 1 – Invisible stage – A reduction of blood flow from capillaries and the freestanding fat cells begin to fill with lipids up to 2-3 times the original size which also retain extra water and further break down the capillary network. Clumping of fat cells increases. The skin starts to deteriorate.

Stage 2- Fat cells engorge further and more deterioration to the capillary/circulatory system. A normal inflammatory process begins. This is where you start to see the change in the skin.

Stage 3 – Metabolism is slowed in the area greatly by this stage and continues to decline. Protein metabolism decreases due to the reduced circulation. This waste protein begin to form around the fat cells. Orange peel look when skin is pinched.

Stage 4 – The waste proteins form a hardened capsule around the fat cells and cellulite is completely formed. This is where the dimples are evident, not just the orange peel look.

Makes sense why those cellulite areas feel colder in winter with the reduced circulation…

So let’s get this straight…

The main factors in the formation of cellulite that is scientifically proven are:

  1. Poor circulation
  2. Poor lymphatic drainage
  3. Collagen and elastin degradation
  4. Inflammation
  5. Fluid Retention
  6. Waste protein retention, and
  7. Hormones

So, what can you actually do about it?

There are the traditional methods of Cellulitis Treatment

  1. Exercise
  2. Dry Brushing
  3. Liposuction
  4. Cupping
  5. Essential oils
  6. Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  7. Colon Hydrotherapy
  8. Detox

(You will see I do not have a message on this list… New research has shown that kneading, firm massage may actually stimulate additional fluids to the area.1)

These traditional cellulite treatment methods work on specific symptoms and some causes of cellulite formation, but not all. They cover the movement of fluids or detox or invasively and expensively removing fat cells.

This is why we need to look at Cellulite Reduction Cryotherapy. It is one of the newest, natural, non-invasive, and all-encompassing cellulite treatments available.

Cellulite Reduction Cryotherapy is a combination of Localised Cryotherapy (LC) with Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) and/or with Compression therapy. There are several options available as not everyone is suited for WBC and there are treatments to suit all budgets.

Click here if you want to know more about how WBC works.

Cellulite reduction cryotherapy works by:

Taking 3 minutes to shunt lymph, interstitial and blood from the outer body and cellulite areas, to the organs to be cleaned. This helps eliminate extra fluid from these areas. This works more efficiently than any other therapy on the market today.

Increasing collagen in the skin and improving capillary circulation to the area. Inflammation reduction of the local area with the LC, the large scale inflammation reduction from the WBC.

Breaking down the structure of the fat cells. The fat cells burst due to being frozen by the LC, then the waste is moved and removed with either WBC or Compression therapy. This allows the waste to be eliminated rather than stay stagnant.

Improving sleep patterns so your body can naturally regulate your hormones more efficiently. And for a little kicker, WBC initiates the release of endorphins so you can just generally feel better and more motivated.

With the localised cryotherapy the fat freezes at a higher temperature than the skin, at about 5o. Skin does not freeze until it gets below 1o. Therefore the localised cryotherapy can safely freeze the fat cells and keep the skin safe.

Safe enough that it shakes up the collagen so the body produces more of it. Click here to find out more about how this works. This is the stage where the fat bursts and structures are broken down.

WBC causes a mass movement of fluid to the internal organs for processing. This is how the fat cell waste and protein waste is removed efficiently.

The WBC has an added advantage of turning our general outer body fat into easy to process brown fat.3 It is common knowledge that brown fat – in comparison to white fat – burns more energy faster and is activated by the cold.5

It is theorised that if we have more brown fat, we burn more energy. Brown fat is used to keep the body warm, therefore the more often you experience WBC, the more your body turns your white fat to brown fat as it is needed.

This is an animal instinct the body has, so let’s use it to increase our health! It has been shown that inflammation can inhibit the conversion of white to brown fat.3,4 Lucky cryotherapy reduces inflammation too.

Compression therapy is a form of lymphatic drainage that moves fluid from the area so it can be processed and cleaned. This way, new and more energised fluid can enter the area. It takes about 20min in a session. It is relaxing and a nice way to move fluid retention in the whole limb, not just the area concentrated on for cellulite reduction.

For people who have contraindication for WBC (or a restricted budget) Localised Cryotherapy with compression is advised. The cream of the crop is using WBC and localised for cellulite reduction.

These treatments cover all the areas of how cellulite is created. Working to reduce and reverse the look of cellulite. Not to mention up to 800cal’s burned in 1 WBC session is a bonus!

From my viewpoint Cellulite Reduction Cryotherapy administered in this way is one of the most effective, non-invasive, natural cellulite treatments to date.

It treats all the scientific causes of cellulite in all stages. With the increase in circulation, waste removal, structural breakdown and fluid reduction the treatment is highly effective.

It is for everyBODY. People with less adipose tissue will see the benefits sooner than those with a higher density of adipose tissue. But, no matter the amount of fat the results are evident. The amount of cellulite reduction is in alignment with how much you start with.


The effects of any cellulite treatment is enhanced with a clean diet, cleanse or detox. Working from the inside out is really one of the most effective long term strategies for any skin and body change.

Using Cellulite Reduction Cryotherapy with this strategy enhances the results. Check out our treatment options if you would like to move the unwanted ripples in your life.

* vertical walls of connective tissue


Dr D. Howard, The Dermal Institute. http://www.dermalinstitute.com/au/library/58_article_What_Is_Cellulite_.html
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Written by Elouise Bermingham, BA Science (Sports and Exercise), Minor Performance Enhancment and Coaching.

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