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James Bermingham

James Bermingham

Practice Owner, FloCryo

“Suffering a chronic back injury since the age of 19, and working in the mining industry for over 10yrs, pushed my physical health to the edge and took an emotional toll. I know first-hand the cost constant pain and recurring injury has on our families, community, and workforce, so I decided to find and deliver an affordable solution to help others in their recovery”.

I’m James Bermingham, Practice Owner at FloCryo on the Sunshine Coast. My unwavering dedication to improve the lives of others through pain relief, recovery support and revitalisation comes from my deep personal experience. Suffering a chronic back injury from 19 yrs old, and working in the mining industry for over 10yrs, pushed my physical health to the edge and took an emotional toll. One of my most challenging times was when we were moving house and my back injury was so bad that my wife, Ellie, had to move everything - as all I could do was lie on the ground. I couldn’t take strong anti inflammatories or Endone as I felt intensely sick. If I’d had cryotherapy to recover and repair back then, I’m positive I would have been able to help her, instead I needed weeks off work to recover. There have been plenty of sporting injuries in the past where cryotherapy would have helped me also. When Ellie was due with our second, I injured my ankle at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and couldn't walk. Ellie had to wait on me with ice buckets! Again, with cryotherapy support, this would have also been a totally different story. My breakthrough came when I was over working away from my family. Time flies and I was missing out on much of their lives. I craved to do something that brought value to other people's lives. When I launched my practice, Cryotherapy was a relatively new concept in Australia, but popular in Europe and the USA. My focus was delivering tangible results to sports clients in a short time frame - both in the 3min treatment and quick performance recovery time. What I didn’t expect was that instead of the bulk of our clients being sporting people, most were middle aged to elderly, with chronic injury, arthritis or post surgery. People who felt just like I had, and who I could help dramatically. I thrive knowing these therapies improve quality of life, offer much needed relief and indescribable freedom to rejuvenate and revitalise our clients. It was a huge step outside my comfort zone to start my own practice, but thanks to family and community support on the Sunshine Coast, I’m loving the changes that I can make and the person I'm changing into. I’ve changed my outlook and invested in personal development and physical health changes, sparked by my incredible clients. I’m passionate in advocating the benefits of Cryotherapy as I’ve seen the incredible transformation in people when the future of their health, recovery and vitality is put back in their own hands… for life.

Elouise Bermingham

Practice Co-owner, FloCryo

"I love inspiring people to dream bigger and move forward in their life the way they want to. Not how they think others want them to or how they have to. And dreaming bigger sometimes includes minimising and going tiny!"

I grew up like any normal kid in Australia, was dedicated to swimming and loved life. My life changed the day I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 17. From early in my diagnosis, I felt the doctors orders just didn’t make sense for me, so I chose to intuitively do what I thought was best for my own health. When I was tested by three different endocrinologists, they all re-tested me for the antibodies as my diabetes was so well controlled they didn’t think I had type 1. Now, 15 years on, there is a movement, fueled by doctors who have diabetes, to change the treatment, exercise and food recommendations to be similar to my plan in controlling my diabetes. Through my own experience, I was inspired to study Science in sports and exercise science (minoring in Performance Enhancement and coaching) and do a post grad certificate in health promotion. My passion developed to health based practice that ‘do no harm’. I felt a lot of the medical model was amazing, but needed to be a part of the bigger picture to aid health and living an amazing life. I worked a short time in the medical model, but it didn’t feel personally aligned, so I changed to supporting people and increasing awareness on the impact of eating well and looking after your whole self. I developed and incorporated a strong base of knowledge in alternative ways of health and awareness. The want to “do no harm” alignment and to enhance wellness to live an amazing life health in the physical form for me is gut health, decreasing inflammation and a whole person approach, mentally and physically. I’m passionate about sharing my experience, training and knowledge with our FloCryo clients and community on the Sunshine Coast, through writing content to inform and inspire peak health and vitality.

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