If someone told me all it took was 3 minutes to conquer the 3:30itis I would have been a little skeptical. If they told me 3 minutes at temperatures as low as -140deg’s would boost me up to a clear mind, reduce my stress and exhaustion and improve my work I may have still been a little skeptical, but very intrigued. 

Whole Body Cryotherapy may seem a little too good to be true, to do what we have all been wanting for lifetimes during the lulls in our days in just 3 minutes. But I can vouch for the positive effects of cryotherapy, it is legit.  

I love a bit of science to back up the results I get, so here it is in a layman, science nerd-like nutshell.

We have a body and a mind, the body effects the mind and vice versa. There are many ways to influence both. Meditation and positive mindset have a positive effect on the body, the same as mental stress and exhaustion can have negative effects on the body. Exercise, massage, and therapies are one way to recalibrate the body and it’s instinctive inclinations to improve mental health and productivity. Which all take time and repetition. Whole Body Cryo is the effect of all these and more. 

3 minutes can elevate serotonin levels, decrease cortisol levels (produced by anxiety and stress) and stabilise mood.1 The results of a burst of endorphins is increased awareness, improved cognition, euphoria enhanced learning and memory.2,3 Everything you need to increase your productivity and concentration. Regular WBC sessions can reduce anxiety symptoms by 50%.4 

We all have a finite amount of attention to allocate to tasks. When we start to run low or it is spread too thin our concentration and productivity reduce. There are ways to increase this with mindfulness work which is a long term project. We are talking here about instant results when you need to get things done… Now. Yes, you can use it for long term and compound the benefits to further boost your work and stabilise the increase in productivity. But it works just as well sporadically when needed. It also does not take the time of an exercise program, massage or therapy. 

I have experienced nothing as refreshing that gives me this level mental clarity in the exact moment I need it. 3 minutes and back to task. It makes life much more exciting and easy. 


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Written by Elouise Bermingham, BA Science (Sports and Exercise), Minor Performance Enhancment and Coaching.

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